I was always known as the artist growing up. It was something I was bound for. My relatives always gave me crayons, colored pencils and drawing pads for Christmas and birthdays. Kids at school would always ask me to draw something for them if they couldn’t do it themselves. Teachers recruited me to create things for bulletin boards and yearbooks. When I run in to old friends today, many ask if I’m “still drawing”.

So it’s no surprise, after a few years working retail and factory jobs, that I pursued a creative career. I attended Central Academy of Commercial Art, completing an intensive program concentrating on design, illustration and ad campaign concepting and development.

Working over 20 years for various ad agencies and design firms, I have created large multimedia campaigns for such clients as Skyline Chili, United Dairy Farmers, bigg’s and Fazoli’s. During the course of creating all of these campaigns, one of the things I loved most was directing the photography.

Eventually as digital equipment became more affordable, I started to shoot my own photography instead of hiring others. I now use all my design and concept skills to create my photography.

I love to shoot photos of people, animals, trees, clouds, nature and buildings. Sometimes all in the same shot. I like taking images of babies looking serious and senior citizens acting like kids. I love to show the beauty of a hummingbird on a flower or the elegance of a crumbling barn in a snowy field.

To me, the best photos are somewhere between what I see and what I want to see. They shouldn’t just be an document of what was in front of the camera but an image that conveys a feeling and evokes an emotion. The fun-loving personality of a person. The inspiring site of a sunset over a quiet field. My goal is not just to show you something, but to make you feel something.

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